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Frankie is: 22, a Pisces, that one strange girl , a cuddler, a writer every now and then, interested in the paranormal, lover of mythology. She is as mutable as the fish that are tattooed on her leg, and as vibrant as the colors in her eyes.

Concept Arts - Final Fantasy XIII


Hello Ye Cutest Arm Nubs Mcnubbycutes.



So here’s some backstory.

In… 2009, I got this idea. “What if we blew up like, 2010 balloons and filled a room with them for New Year’s?”

I proposed this to some friends. After the initial “ARE YOU CRAZY? NO!” I get a call a few hours later that goes “So I found a website where you can buy a ton of balloons for really cheap.”

Fast forward to now, and it has become a tradition. My friends and I spend a few days blowing up about 2050 balloons (we always do some extra because poppage does happen) and we number however many the year will be. Hence, this year we numbered up to 2013. And we fill a room and turn it into a giant, static-y ball pit. It’s enormous fun, and when you turn the lights out and get under the sea of balloons, you can see all the static zipping about. (we keep it all in with plastic on the doors and velcro)

We hang up the current year balloon, and the new year balloon, and at midnight we pop the old year balloon to send it out with a bang, as it were.

And then at like, 1am we start popping the others to clean up, and hope the neighbors don’t call the police.


when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem 


This Girl is the Ultimate Photobomber [Click for full gallery]

Sometimes photobombing is an artistic endeavor that transforms a photo into a beautiful portrait. And sometimes, photobombing is downright frightening, especially when the person stays in character so well. WHY IS SHE GETTING CLOSER? HALP! HAALLSDGJPP!